Finally, it’s in my hot little hands!!

by jeffevans967


Hec’s biography has finally arrived and I’m happy as can be. The team at Huia Publishing have done an awesome production job on the book and I really couldn’t be happier. Yeah, it’s taken way longer than it should have, but all good things take time, right? Anyway, it’s such a relief to know the books have arrived in the country and we will be able to have them blessed at Hec’s home on the 25th of April. The launch is scheduled for the same weekend that the Hawaiian canoes leave for Australia on the next leg of their round the world voyage, so I know it will mean a lot to Hec to have the book launch attended by his Hawaiian brothers. They have been so supportive of Hec and his voyaging ambitions that its only right that their schedule allows them to attend. It promises to be an epic weekend!