Hi – I’m back!

by jeffevans967

Well I’m finally back after an extended break working on the final proof for my new book – and I’m relieved to announce it’s all but ready for publication. In fact I’ve been over the proof forwards and backwards and every other which way so many times that I’m now completely numb to it. I actually think I’ve reached the point of editing exhaustion. It might sound strange to some of you, but I no longer know if the changes I’m considering will actually improve the book or do the opposite! In part I think it is because I have at least to ‘reading’ voices in my head, and when I read in one style a page flows wonderfully, whereas when the other voice arrives I find myself reading second rate rubbish that’s flawed in oh so many ways. So enough is enough and it is what it is …

Despite all of that, I’m still determined to throw the odd line into cyber space; and this year I’ve decided to add a little more heart to my posts: to give my blog a little more reason for being. So in a nutshell I’ve decided to add a little more character to my writing. As an average penman of non-fiction I’ve not yet developed a decent narrative style, so that’s my challenge – to develop my style. It’s all part of polishing the craft, and god knows my writing needs some polishing!