Hawaiki Rising

by jeffevans967

Hawaiiki Rising

I’ve just received an autographed copy of Sam Low’s beautifully written book Hawaiki Rising and I’m super happy about it. I’ve known Sam for a few years, but due to us living on opposite sides of the Pacific (he lives in the States, I’m in New Zealand), I seldom get to see him – so it was a real pleasure to catch up with him when the Hawaiian voyaging canoe Hokule’a was welcomed into Waitangi last weekend.

Sam has been involved with the Polynesian Voyaging Society since the early 1980s and has voyaged on Hokule’a several times. It’s that level of experience which has given Sam a great insight into voyaging, and allowed him access to many of the figures that were instrumental in the renaissance of Hawaiian voyaging. The result of Sam’s endeavour is a wonderful book that is quite literally a page turner. For anyone looking to write the history of an organisation or perhaps the revival of an art, I suggest you read this book to see how it should be written. I can’t recommend this book enough.