The Boys in the Boat

by jeffevans967

Boys in the Boat

I’m super excited to have finally received my copy of Daniel James Brown’s book, The Boys in the Boat. It’s been a few weeks since I ordered it and I’ve been counting down the days, waiting for that tell-tale package of well wrapped book to land on my doorstep.

I’d not actually heard of the book nor it’s author before stumbling across it on Amazon, but the book comes highly recommended with a phenomenal 4,521 5-star reviews on the site. Yeah, it’s a rating system that you can often take with a pinch of salt, but with that much support, I figure the book must be half decent! What’s more, it’s been on the LA Times bestseller list for nine straight months and it’s won several non-fiction awards, including the American Booksellers Association/Indie Choice Nonfiction Book of the Year Award.

The book itself tells the story of the nine young American college athletes and their coach who beat the odds to represent their nation at the 1936 Olympics in Germany. By all accounts its a great story, but as a writer what I’m really looking forward to is reading Brown’s evocative descriptions of time and place, reportedly one of the books highlights. It’s an area I have to work on, so I’m looking forward to picking up a few tips.

Brown also has a pretty good website, much of it dedicated to this, his third, and most successful book. You can view his website HERE.